Mikey Votano sings, plays a mean sax & piano, creates authentic arrangements & works the hell out of a room.  A serial over thinker, thanks to mental health which he is a strong advocate for, Mikey believes when it comes to music the decision is simple - if it feels good, play it & enjoy the hell out of it. 


Mikey grew up the Chuck Berry way, albeit playing saxophone rather than guitar, cutting his teeth in various jazz bands across his home town of Sydney, Australia.  It was there, packed onto tiny stages, sandwiched between musicians giving their all for an excited room, that his love for music & it’s ability to bring joy brought the realisation this is how he wanted to spend his life.


A teacher by trade he began his music career as a sax player & later musical director with a variety of artists of varying styles.  With each new project Mikey found himself drawn closer to the distinct sounds of the great swing, soul, blues & rock ’n’ roll artists that influence his sound today.


Mikey’s latest releases, recreations of modern hits as vintage rock n roll tracks, showcase authentic arrangements, full of energy, screaming vocals, dirty sax & a whole heap of fun. 

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